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About Us.

TCF Consultancy™ is a service brand of THREEXFIVE CONSULTANCY LLP which provides services in the area of Research and Data Analysis across multiple industries in various geographical regions. TCF Consultancy™ was founded in year 2012 in New Delhi, India and has since then served more than 100 clients on 300+ projects. The journey started with a vision to become the India’s finest Consulting firm in order to serve variety of clients through research and analytical services.

THREEXFIVE is pronounced as (“3 cross 5”) for which the abbreviation TCF is used. This name has been derived from the core management lesson of Michael E. Porter. Porter gave a famous five force theory for business organizations and other institutions/ individuals. It says that for any entity, there are a total of five forces that continuously operate and impact the activities. They are Bargaining power of suppliers, Bargaining power of Customers, Threats of new entrants, Threats of Substitute products, and Competitive rivalry within the industry. As a stakeholder, one needs to be on his toes every moment to combat these five forces. Also, there is a famous chess theory which suggests a three move checkmate. So strategically, to avoid any business or entity to falter within three moves from any of the five forces, some serious thinking is required. And that’s where TCF provides a helping hand for its clients.