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Statistical Services.


Our team is well equipped with Statistical tools and techniques to perform different type of data analysis for various entities. We have worked on stand-alone and integrated datasets to derive meaningful insights for the various business houses and researchers. Statistical background and hands on experience for various analytical products has made us the perfect data analysis partner for various entities in the past. Our team can enter the data into readable formats like Excel, CSV and Word from different sources like Image Files, Web sources and Hard copies of the data. Our team can also prepare the data for various tools like SPSS and R. Data preparations involves data coding and cleaning followed by formatting as per the specific tool. Some of the specific Data Analysis services are listed as follows.

Data Entry work involves the digitization of data from physical form or non-readable formats like images.

Bio-statistical services include specific statistical services related to medical science concepts. It includes descriptive analysis, p-value calculations, correlations, regressions, ANOVA, t-tests, and the likes.

Data preparation includes converting raw data into specific format as per different presentation formats or different softwares like SPSS, R and the likes.

Data is tested for normality and outlier analysis is done in order to validate the various parametric and non-parametric tests to be conducted on the data. Reliability ensures that data is reliable enough i.e. no patterns are found in the data for the analysis to become biased.

To reduce the number of variables in a dataset and decrease the complexity of the analysis, dimensionality reduction is carried out on the dataset. The prominent techniques are Principle Component Analysis and Factor Analysis.

Descriptive analysis includes slicing and dicing of the data along with calculation of various measures of central tendency.

Univariate analysis involves relationship establishment between two variables through methods like correlation, regression, various types of parametric and non-parametric testing and the likes.

Multivariate analysis includes relationship establishment between multiple variables through methods like Regression, Structural Equation Modeling, Clustering, Classification and the likes.

Scale development includes preparation of measuring scale for qualitative/subjective concepts for evaluation purpose.

Index development includes preparation of measuring index for similar items which can be used for comparative analysis.