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Academic Research.


Our team has worked with various Universities, Professors and Scholars to offer Academic Research & Statistical Analysis services. The benefit of parallel computing to the projects, know-how of the latest technology & tools, and the exhaustive coverage of techniques make us a natural fit for the Universities, Professors and Scholars who can hire us as Research & Statistical Consultant.


We help the researchers in drafting their research work. During the process we help in preparing the justifiable framework and research validation through different means. Research papers, Thesis, Dissertation, Research Reports and Articles are the general outcome of this process. It is helpful for people with weak presentation and language skills or having time constraints.

Once research has been conducted successfully, it is important that it should be presented in the most easy and self-explanatory manner. Our team provides services related to research reporting in the form of Powerpoint Presentations, Dynamic reports and Dashboards. We have the capability to prepare presentations using Microsoft tools and other online tools like CANVA and Adobe Spark. We also have the capability to work on Microsoft Power BI tool for cost effective dashboards and dynamic report generation.

Advanced Research Methodology (ARM) trainings and seminars are an important part of our services in which our experts share the application of various research techniques for conduction of research projects in different fields. We can conduct seminars and training session on Research paper Writing techniques, Data collection, Sampling, and Data Analysis using specific Tools.

For conference organizers and managers, our team provides three distinctive services – Preparing Call for Papers and Managing the Entries, Reviewing the research papers and sending response to the applicants, and Formatting the final paper entries as per the conference proceeding guidelines. Various editorial and formatting services are useful for conferences having small management team. We have exposure of presenting papers as per the guidelines of majority of national and international conferences and Journals.

Proposal writing is the core strength of our services which helps any individual or entity to develop research proposal. With a long term vision, the proposals are prepared by our experts that are useful as a part of application process for Education, Funding or Publication purposes. Proposal validation and review capabilities also help the individuals to get pre-existing proposals to be validated from us.

Get the review conducted from our panel of experts before sending your research document for any evaluation. Be it a journal paper or a university thesis/dissertation, any grant proposal for funding or a research proposal for enrollment, the final research project presentation or any conference PPT, let our team review the research content and flow of the document before it goes for actual evaluation. Suitable for people from non-research background or documents that are crucial from time/ sensitivity point of view.

Most of the research ideas and proposals fail to put an impact due to lack of relevant literature in support of the work. Our team’s searching abilities and finding the correct literature for the research work helps the individuals and entities in preparing an exhaustive framework. We have access to most of the renowned databases through which we can extract various research papers, books, thesis-dissertations, industrial reports, news articles and white papers. It can save lot of time and money for the researchers to get the literature searching done from us.

English language is the most widely accepted language for research publications around the world, however it is not the most widely used language amongst researchers. Manuscripts get rejected due to poor language constructs and informal way of writing. Our team provides proofreading, formatting and referencing of the manuscript as per the standard guidelines accepted by majority of review committees.

Data collection for research projects is a very important task. Primary survey based study designs need to consider the nature of the variables and how various statistical techniques would be applied on the collected datasets. Our team provides survey designing services which would be helpful for the data analysis phase and also for deriving accurate research insights in minimum possible survey time.

Correct research design is helpful in conducting a valid research but to define research methodology is a herculean task. Our team helps in defining research methodology which includes research tools, sampling designs, analytical techniques and validation of research. It is suitable for most of the researchers who have a weak background in research skills.

Primary and secondary data sources are used for data collection which helps in validating a research framework. Our team helps in collecting primary data through field surveys, telephonic interviews, and online surveys. Also, we provide services related to secondary data collection through online research, web crawling and secondary reports extraction from various databases. It is a handy service for people who are short of time or manpower for data collection.

Data Analysis for research work is a tricky task and requires mapping the techniques with those present in the Literature. Researchers also need to conduct analysis in specific tools only. So our team provides data analysis services on wide range of tools like MS Excel, SPSS, R, E-Views, Stata, MATLAB, and the likes. We have the capability to learn and quickly implement newer tools on the research datasets as prescribed by the empirical studies of that particular field. This is a helpful service for people who are not well verse with different data analysis and statistical tools or do not have any prior hands-on experience for the data analysis. In addition to normal analysis related services, our team is well equipped with providing Bio-Statistical Services useful for the medical professionals and hospitals.